Giant Cell Arteritis & Buerger's Disease

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Giant cell arteritis is common in the elderly
Giant cell arteritis is a systemic disease that mainly involves arteries in the head and neck region. It
particularly affects the temporal arteries, hence the alternative name of temporal arteritis.

incidence with age, it is rare under the age of 50 years, and is more common in females.
Patients have ill-defined symptoms of malaise and tiredness with headaches.

In many cases there is an associated disease of muscle, polymyalgia rheumatica. Investigations
characteristically reveal a very high ESR. Diagnosis is by biopsy of the temporal artery.
As a frequent complication is sudden blindness from involvement of the ophthalmic artery,
treatment with steroids is urgentlyindicated in this condition.


Buerger's disease is an inflammatory disease of vessels that is related to smoking}

Buerger's disease causes inflammatory occlusion of peripheral arteries in the upper and lower limbs.
It is related to heavy cigarette smoking and is mainly seen in males. Pathologically
there is segmental chronic inflammatory infiltration of the walls of arteries and veins,
with secondary thrombosis. Small foci of neutrophils may also be seen.
Patients develop peripheral vascular insufficiency, with eventual development of gangrene.
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