Lung Abscess

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Bacterial lung abscess is predisposed by several diseases
A bacterial lung abscess appears as a cavity, typically 1-3 cm in diameter, containing pus and surrounded by fibrosis and organizing lung.
There are many diseases that cause or predispose to development of a lung abscess including infection in a pulmonary infarct, unresolved acute pneumonia (particularly due to staphylococci), aspiration of gastric contents, and bronchiectasis.

The main complications of an abscess are rupture into pleura, causing empyema and pneumothorax; haemorrhage from erosion into pulmonary vessel; and bacteraemia causing cerebral abscess.

A lung abscess is seen as a cavity filled with green purulent material. The histological section shows
the cavity of a peripheral lung abscess containing pus, with a wall composed of acute inflammatory granulation tissue. This was derived from an infected area of infarction.
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