Eye Trauma

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Trauma to the eye is a common cause of visual impairment

Mostly preventable by the use of suitable eye protection, trauma is a common cause of eye disease. Damage may be immediately apparent or may develop after the injury as a secondary complication.

Contusion of the globe can cause intraocular haemorrhage or tearing of the retina and uvea.

Dislocation of the lens may occur with severe trauma.

Penetrating injuries (those that pass into the cornea) cause permanent scarring if there is damage to Bowman's membrane, whereas perforating injuries (those that pass through cornea) can be complicated by haemorrhage or infection.

Secondary glaucoma} is an important complication of bleeding into the anterior chamber.

Siderosis bulbi is caused by retention of an iron-containing foreign body in the globe. Iron pigment is deposited within the tissues of the eye, causing retinal degeneration.
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