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Lecture 1: Electrolyte Imbalances
Lecture 2: Pain management
Lecture 3: Respiratory System Asthma_&_COPD
Lecture 4: Lung Volumes and Capacities
Lecture 5: Pneumonia & TB
Lecture 6: Cardiovascular Assessment
Lecture 7: Congestive Heart Failure
Lecture 8: GIT
Lecture 9: Acute Appendicitis
Lecture 10: Liver Cirrohsis
Lecture 11: Hepatitis
Lecture 12: Hernias
Lecture 13: Thyroid Disorders
Lecture 14: Diabetis Mellitus
Lecture 15: Blood Disorders and Anemias
Lecture 16: Leukemias
Lecture 17: Cancers of Brain, Colon, Prostate & Breast I
Lecture 18: Brain Cancer & Colon Cancer II
Lecture 19: Urinary Tract System I

Lecture 20: Urinary Tract System II
Lecture 21: Musculoskeletal System
Lecture 22: Care of Patients in Cast and Traction
Lecture 23: Burn Assessment
Lecture 24: CNS Assessment and Low Back Pain
Lecture 25: Neurologic and Spinal Cord Disorders
Lecture 26: ENT Assessment & Disorders
Lecture 27: Glucoma
Lecture 28: Eye Disorders
Lecture 29: Nursing process
Lecture 30: Drug Adminstration
Lecture 31: Drug Calculation.ppt
Lecture 32: A 12-lead Electrocardiogram (ECG)
Lecture 33: Overview Peripoerative Care
Lecture 34: Intraoperative Care
Lecture 35: Overview postoperative Care
Lecture 36: Chest Tube
Glossary of Medical Terms
Medical Abbreviation


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