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Infant feeding – Homoeopathic approach
Management of common pediatric conditions
Common tumors of childhood
Meningitis in children
Mental retardation
Autism – management
Neonatal jaundice
Neonatal seizures
Neurological examination in pediatrics
New born care
Healthy Parenting & Concepts of Children
What’s New in Newborn Screening
Infection in newborn – management
Micronurients in Paediatric Practice
Pediatric case taking
Pediatric dermatology
Pediatrics rheumatology
Pattern of childhood epilpsies
Paediatric critical care
Pediatric immunology
Pediatric Cardiac Emergencies
Pediatrics at a glance
Perinatal infection
Neonatal care
Iron deficiency and infection
Developmental Age in Children with Autism
Seizures in children
Healthy parenting & hygiene
Sleep and Epilepsy in Childhood 
Newborn – abnormal
Neurological examinations 3 months
Neurological examinations 6 months
Neurological examinations 12 months
Neurological examinations 18 months
Neurological examinations 30 months
The term new born infant
Tuberculosis in children
Urinary management in children
Vomiting in newborns and Homoeopathy
Comatous child – a clinical approach
Graphitis children types
Hemorrhagic disease of the newborn
Malaria in children
Congenital malformations in newborn
Neonatal Seizures & Febrile Convulsion
Treating the childhood Bipolar Controversy
Perinatal infection II
Perinatal infection III
Autism-Homeopathic approach
Delayed mile stone –  Part.1
Delayed mile stone –  Part.11
Neonatal Jaundice & Homoeopathy
Neonatal Szeiures
Pediatric critical care
Fluids, Electrolyte Management in Neonates
Autism and the amygdala 
Child  remedies in Homoeopathy
Skills in treating the new born
Childhood Cutaneous Vasculitis : A Comprehensive Appraisal
Child psychiatry 
ADHD and its homoeopathic management
Community pediatrics programs
Ethics in pediatric care 
Children with special health needs 
Learning disorders: Autism and ADHD
What does the brain look like in autism? 
Aetiology of autism
The art of history taking in paediatrics
Children types
Autistic spectrum disorders 
Screening and Diagnosis of Autism 
Autism – A history
Childhood autism
Understanding case taking in neonates
Iron Deficiency and Infection 

Functional constipation in child 
Paediatric clinical cases 
Pediatric constitution 
Some cases from pediatric practice
ADHD – Evaluation and treatment
An Overview of Childhood Illnesses
Homeopathic medicines in pediatric care 
Newborn care 
Respiratory distress in infants and children
Developments – Infancy to Adolescents
Acute respiratory disorders in children
ADHD Through The Life Cycle
Autism in Children – management
Child PsychiatryDiseases of young infants
Gastrointestinal disorders in children
Diarrhoeal Diseases of Children 
Sinusitis in children
Jaundice children
Fever in children- homeopathic approach
Skin disorders in Children 
Psychological problems in  children
Neurological Problems 
Newborn Care 
Problem child and homoeopathy 
Respiratory disorders in children 
Homeopathy in childhood anxiety disorders
Illness of young infants
Skin & Urinary Disorders in Children 
Child remedies 
Danger signs in new born
Care of a newborn: Mother’s perspective 
Feeding of healthy new born
Hypothermia in children
Neonatal Jaundice
Kangaroo Mother Care
Management of Low Birth Weight Babies
Anxiety disorders and ADHD in children
Bronchitis and sinusitis in children
Care of a normal newborn
Newborn Health Challenge in India
Neonatal sepsis
Homeopathy in pediatrics 
Management of an asphyxiated neonate
Management of fever in children
Homoeopathy in pediatrics
Practice in pediatric diarrhoea
Sweet pills for happy childhood
Asphyxia Neonatorum
Dermatological problems in children 
Common Pediatric Conditions
Nutrition for kids
Infant and Young Child Feeding 
Pediatric Resuscitation
Eczema of children and homoeopathy
Febrile seizures [2]
Fever management in children 
Fever and Rash In Children 
Glandular fever  What is glandular fever?
Growth chart
Growth & development  in a child
Healthy Parenting & Concepts of Children
Healthy Parenting & Hygiene 
Care of the  Newborn &  Infants
Indian journal of pediatrics
Effective new born care – must read 
Management of learning disorders


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