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Asalama Alaiykum walaayalal .... i am a  student Nurse in Denmark..My ambition is to be surgical nurse,insha allaah.........
The best part about nursing is the constant opportunity to learn and teach new things. Every day I'm challenged by the many different tasks that come before me, and that's what I love about my career. I knew that I wanted to do something in the medical field, What I love about nursing is that it is such a hands-on profession. The relationship between a nurse and a patient is incredible. My favorite thing about nursing is being able to teach others. I have the opportunity to help my patients and other nurses.  Nursing is a very exciting career and there are opportunities in the field for every personality. Every nurse has different strong points; whether it's their bedside manner or superior technical skills, each one adds to patient care. Anyone interested in challenging career where you never stop learning should absolutely consider nursing, if u have any Questions* just feel free.....Thanks for reading my profile.*

P.S.  i am so happy to see you all, U are all doing great job.... GO for it.


by  Ebyan



nice 2 hear whats the nursing like in denmark? how is it any different to the UK? Im doing paediatric nursing and its my first year. Im on my first placement at the moment so its very challenging and rewarding. Inshallah when I graduate we are given many options into what area to specialise in. As you know the obesity rates are high especially amongst the children so Im very interested in that area or nutrition, diabetes or cancer. Theres so much to choose from but it is so competitive as the NHS is short staffed but the the jobs are low so everyone are going to Australia. NHS jobs have been taken over by professions from Nigeria, Pakistan India etc etc. Theres talks now to send them back as there are no jobs for new graduates. Many students from my university and myself have been selected to go and visit 10 downing street (blair) to discuss the issues of the NHS and what students also think of this.

anyways good luck


salaam Hana

Nice to hear that  sounds  really intersting,
Job opportunities for RNs in all specialties are expected to be excellent in Denmark. Employment of registered nurses is expected to grow much faster than average for all occupations through 2010, and, because the occupation is very large, many new jobs will result. In fact, registered nurses are projected to create the second largest number of new jobs among all occupations. so nursing in denmark is really great. ;)
the other hand Denmark has very strict immigration policies, so Foreign educated nurses who want to work in Denmark are to obtain Danish registration as a nurse before they can work in Denmark.

may be i will see u in DK LOL ;D

Take care



thats interesting..better future prospects for DK!
lol I doubt I'll be working there I'll have to learn a whole new language, I would want to turn my back on my British roots! ;D  :P

yeah thats the bad thing, u have to speak danish b4 u can work in dk, they are kind of cunzuriyaal :-\
so how is studing in the uk, i am planing to study 1 semester  aboard inshaallah, maybe in the UK.  just to improve my poor Inglish lol. ;D

by ebyan


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