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Osteoporosis is a slow thinning of the bones. As people age, their bones can become weak and break, even without a fall. This happens mostly in white and Asian women during and after menopause. Black women, Native American women, heavy women, and women who have used birth control pills or hormones for many years seem to be protected.

There are some risks for osteoporosis that we cannot do anything about. These include:

being white or Asian
being thin
having early menopause, either from nature or surgery
having no children
taking some medications, such as cortisone or
having a family history of weak bones
There are other things women can do to strengthen their bones, like:

daily exercise, such as walking
getting adequate calcium in the daily diet
taking calcium supplements every day starting when we are young
stop smoking and
get care for any problems, such as hormone loss, that can cause bone loss
There are no early signs of osteoporosis that can be felt, but pain and broken bones occur when it becomes severe. The back and hip bones are the most common areas affected. Fifteen percent of older women who break a hip will die within a few months of their injury. Typically they die from a blood clot, lung infection, or heart attack. Many women are never able to fully walk again after their injury.

Most white women will have some osteoporosis as they age. The key is to slow it down or prevent it. Young women should make sure they are getting enough calcium in their diet and plan a lifetime of exercise such as walking. In older women, the combination of diet, exercise, and hormone therapy will help. Estrogen, the female hormone, plays an important role.

Every woman should discuss her risk of getting osteoporosis with her healthcare provider. By taking steps to prevent osteoporosis, women can live active and healthy lives as they age.

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