Author Topic: Walaalayaal fadlan keep da peace,maintain harmony  (Read 10992 times)

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Walaalayaal fadlan keep da peace,maintain harmony
« on: February 03, 2009, 05:05:50 PM »
Asalamu caleykum my muslim brothers n sisters.alxamdulilah am in good health n i wish the same for all of u.    I  have a request tht i would like to make of all somalidoc users.i hv noticed over da past year tht whenever a controversial topic is posted,due to differences in opinion the topic gets heated up n the posters insulted one another.leadin to the other posters defending oneself.i myself hv been subjected to tht several times.fadlan walaalayal,if u hv sumthin u don agree with,disagree politely,if u cant then just don say anything.its ridiculous tht we are behaving like children when we r please maintain the peace,lets exchange ideas n opinions n benefit frm each other without hurtin our fellow muslim brother or sister.thanx


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