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Cancer and the Culture!!
« on: March 09, 2009, 07:24:33 PM »
Hallow every one!

I was just wondering why the cancer is something so new to our society, and the matter fact in back home Cancer wasn't very popular illness. I m pretty sure it was exist but may be wasn't too many cases to deal with or we never hard a sophisticated techniques or equipments to diagnose that killer. However, I founded helpful and very interesting the topics about the cancer in this site. As far I consider, Cancer is a disease of the cells in the body. The body is made up from millions of tiny cells. Different parts of the body such as organs, bones, muscles, skin, and blood are made up from different specialised cells. All cells have a centre called a nucleus which contains genes made from DNA. The genes control the functions of the cell.

There are many different types of cells in the body, and many different types of cancer which arise from different types of cell. What all types of cancer have in common is that the cancer cells are abnormal and multiply 'out of control'. Even though, the risk is very high for those who smokes but it can also occur with none smokers. Also, some types of cancer could be inherited for instance breast cancer. e.t.c

The whole point I start writing was, I work in the theatre as a theatre operating practitioner and there was a Somali lady who had a tumour in her mouth the consultants said it is just small tumour requires surgical removal, after the operation we send some of the tumour tissue to the laboratory for further examination, which unfortunately come back as a mouth cancer. Her next consultation when I mate the lady she was very down and her blood pressure was very high , when I tried to talk to her and calm her down , she said the relative are friends are making her feel that she is already died because the lack of knowledge they have towards the cancer illness. To be fairly honest it was simple the cancer cells didn't spread and thnx god it was discovered in a good time. I was wondering if one of the doctors could explain the causes of mouth cancer the treatments etc. plz in Somali language if its possible so that lady and money others like her can understand better.Lates all pray for her plz.

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Re: Cancer and the Culture!!
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2009, 09:02:01 PM »
If every one of us started to explain only one condition (disease) to a patient definitely the awareness of your community will increase.

Just give him/her the knowledge in a simplified manner like dr.mahdi is doing here then you will see the result. because next time you meet this patient the consultation will not take longer time.

by the way tomorrow is "WORLD TB DAY" say something about TB to someone.
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