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« on: September 03, 2009, 06:06:55 PM »
Thought I should say some thing about cancer, I work in surgical admissions, where we prepare patients for a surgery, since I start working in this clinic I mate a lot of Somali patients who were diagnosed with the nasty illness CANCER, but unfortunately they didn’t had any background knowledge about it, therefore they were shocked eternally .

However, since you are educated and professionals It’s you’re responsibility to warn the people specially our society (Somalian people) about the killer (cancer), so they can be more aware the sings and the symptoms of the illness. The females should get more awareness about the breast cancer we should all gather and do some activates about this to encourage our mothers, aunts, neighbours to get breast scan, this illness its nasty you don’t get sick or notice unless it spreads  increasingly  in the system

A peace of advice goes to every and each one of us; we should all eat health, exercise, avoid smoking or drinking, and get routine blood test.


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