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Paediatric Short Notes
« on: January 31, 2007, 12:54:15 PM »
These are the commonest paediatric short notes in International University of Africa:

-Diagnosis of bacterial meningitis in infancy
-Treatment of serious complications of malnutrition
-Aetiology and classification of cerebral palsy
-Causes and outlines of management of jaundice with severe pallor in 15 hours old baby.
-Differential diagnosis and emergency treatment of acute stridor in children 
-Signs and investigations  of infective endocarditis.
-Nephrotic syndrome in childhood, etiology, clinical presentation, diagnosis and management.
-Outlines of management of acute severe asthma
-Define typical febrile convulsions and its emergency management
-Investigations, acute and late complications of bacterial meningitis in infancy.
-Clinical types of dehydration and treatment.
-Management of Diabetic keto-acidosis .
-Diagnosis and prevention of pulmonary T.B in children. 
-Treatment of Protein energy malnutrition.
-Presentation and management of heart failure in infancy.
-Outline investigation to confirm bacterial meningitis and the expected complications.
-Differential diagnosis and emergency treatment of acute stridor in a 2 years old child.
-Diagnosis and management of nephrotic syndrome
-Define typical febrile convulsion and its emergency management
-Causes and diagnosis of bleeding disorders in children.
-Composition uses and advantages of ORS (oral rehydration salt)
-Clinical manifestation and diagnosis of primary tuberculosis
-Uses of growth charts in child survival programs
-Urinary tract infection: predisposing factors symptoms and signs, management.
-Write short notes about different clinical presentations and management of neonatal bacterial infections.
-Different presentations and outlines of management of neonatal bacterial infection.
-Presentation and management of cerebral palsy
-Complications and outlines of treatment of protein energy malnutrition.
-Pathophysiology and clinical presentation of sickle cell anaemia
-Investigations and management of urinary tract infections in children
-Different presentations and outlines of management of neonatal bacterial infections
-Diagnosis and common crises in a child with sickle cell anaemia
-Outlines of management of acute severe asthma
-Treatment of protein – energy malnutrition 
-Common viral and bacterial causes and emergency management of acute stridor.
-Acute complications of measles and outlines of their treatment.
-Cerebral palsy – definition, causes, classification and management.
-Clinical presentation of vitamin A deficiency and management. 
-Causes and investigation of iron deficiency anaemia
-Presentation and management of cerebral palsy
-Emergency management of asthma
-Investigation and management of neonatal sepsis
-Clinical presentation and control of poliomyelitis


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Re: Paediatric Short Notes
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2011, 11:40:55 AM »
thank you sooooooooooo much doctor bcz realy i have big problem with paediatrics reading and how i read this subjects so plz i need ur help to learn me what to read for my exame(after 6 weeks :'() and how exames questations could be in medicine.obs.surgry.and peadiatric in my final year ok plz plz plz


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