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a Visit to somalia, 4 per 100.000??


 "So what does this mean to the Somali in the street? Essentially there are no public schools or universities, few public hospitals, and no police or army to regulate the militias that still exist. The United Nations estimates that there are only four doctors and 28 nurses or midwives for every 100000 people. Of the eight to nine million people in Somalia, three quarters do not have access to health care".
 "Somalia is the only place where MSF has guards, partly because of the security situation but also at the car owners' request. Our guard delighted in conversing in English, which he had learnt from the American peace corps in the early 1970s. We bounced around the back of the car as we traversed some of the most uneven roads I have ever encountered. As we passed with our windows down, children shouted out "gala," which means "white person."
 "Galcayo is a growing town of 80000 people situated on the edge of the Puntland administration. It represents a microcosm of Somalia, because it is split along clan lines with the north belonging to one clan and the south to another. MSF works in the north as well as in the south. This in itself engenders problems, because crossing the "green line" between the two areas is difficult. Because of violence, MSF is regularly forced to temporarily suspend its work and evacuate from one or the other part of the town."

As the tension heightens in the Horn of Africa, Geraldine O'Hara  recounts her experiences of working with Médecins Sans Frontières in Somalia.
The above paragraphs were qoutes from the detailed report of the British student at the churchil university, Oxford. She visited somalia and worked with the MSF health workers, who work mostly in the middle regions of Somalia. She seemed to be telling the truth after I read the topic, unlike always, so I wanted you, medical students of somalia, to read it and see how health system is badly injured in our beloved somalia, and how much burden and responsiblity we have taken when we decided to be The Future Doctors of Somalia. please keep reading articles about health in Somalia published in the and other websites for other NGO's because no body else will care if we wouldn't. Thank you and here is the link to the report by Geraldine O'Hara:

Dr.Ciise Dheere I really would like to thank you for  your interest in what others have said about us!


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