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It is not suitable for men to be gynecologists!
Women have no brave heart to do surgery!
Why don’t you learn pediatrics like Dr….!
Don’t forget to be dermatologist if you want good income & little work time!
These comments & more others are well known & heard by medical students from the moment they have started medical field.
Medicine is one of the difficult fields for its long study period ((initially 6years then at least 3years specialty)), tough study courses, difficult rotations, ongoing night duties & finally no ending stressful life.
Medical students at the end of their study ((last year)) are very concerned about choosing suitable specialty; the difficult arise from the fact that, any specialty you choose will affect your entire life ((socially, economically, emotionally…etc...)).
Certain factors determine your specialty field:         
1.Your desire & will:  your desire is a very important factor in determining your specialty; even the most difficult specialties have nothing to do in front of strong personal will.
2.Personal skills & capability: no one knows yourself more than you, so it is a surely success if you choose a specialty you are good in its basics.
3.Job opportunities: it is essential to anticipate the opportunities available for a person to get job in certain field & how needy the community is for a specialty.
4.Life style:  some specialties are well known for their long tough hours & night duties ((surgery, emergency medicine)), while others have relatively short work hours & comfortable life style ((dermatology, psychiatry.))
5.Impact of relatives & friends: most medical students especially in our countries suffer from a second opinion of a relative, friend, or even professor in the university. Don’t forget that every decision you make, you will carry full responsibility of its consequences, so be aware to overstate second opinions.
The above mentioned factors are only some determinants, other factors include the characteristics of the specialty itself that necessitate the student to modify himself, below are some specialties so take an inside look:
Internal medicine
What makes a good internist?
 *likes physical diagnosis, pharmacology & physiology
 * is thorough, cautious problem solver
 * can interact with the people & maintain long-term relationships
 * likes working with his or her mind
 * is a good patient listener.
General surgery
What makes a good surgeon?
 * has excellent hand eye coordination & manual dexterity
 * can think quickly & act decisively
 * enjoys mastering new technology
 * demands a highest level of perfection
 * is an energetic, dedicated, & compassionate physician
What makes a good pediatrician?
 * has particular interest in children
 * enjoys extensive patient contact
 * is a laid-back, sensitive, & good natured person
 * prefers taking care of a healthier population
Obstetrics & gynecology
 What makes good obstetrician-gynecologist?
 * likes working with her or his hands
 * can deal with tense situations involving sensitive subject matter
 * has the ability to make fast confident decisions
 * enjoys taking care of women
Orthopedic surgery
What makes good orthopedic surgeon?
 * prefers action based medicine
 * likes working with his or her hands
 * has good eye hand coordination
 * has good physical built & can stand for long hours.
What makes a good neurosurgeon?
 * is confident, energetic, & detail oriented
 * can remain calm under periods of high pressure
 * likes highly technical procedures
 * has a good manual dexterity .

Finally, it is very important to know that, what ever we plan, it is the ALLAH' will that will occur so we have to make good intention & pray more & more so that ALLAH will lead us to the right decision & direction….AMIN.
       by:Dr.kassim hagi hussein

Thanks Said brother.
It's very helpful topic to those planning to join medicine, and those still plannig to do their speciality.
For me I think this suits me much

--- Quote from: said on October 06, 2007, 09:58:17 PM ---Pediatrics
What makes a good pediatrician?
 * has particular interest in children
 * enjoys extensive patient contact
 * is a laid-back, sensitive, & good natured person
 * prefers taking care of a healthier population

--- End quote ---
Well done brother & we are waiting more about you!.

Thanks You Very Much
Wallaahi you made easy the difficult decision

su'aashaan waa mid uu ubaahan yahay dhaqtar walba oo ka qalin jabiya maadada caafimaadka ow ubaahan yahay in uu ka fakaro maxaa yeelay wadankeena waxaa ku badan dhaqtar boocbooc waxa la yiraado ama dhaqtar aan dhaqtar ahayn oo xirfad la'aan ah.


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