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4 Spaces - Chevening Scholarship for Somalia (Postgraduate Study in UK)



Chevening Scholarship for Somalia
British Hight Commission Nairobi
May 18, 2011

Chevening is named after the official country residence of the British Foreign Secretary.

Every Year the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, offers young people the opportunity to study for a post-graduate degree in the UK under the Chevening Scholarship scheme. The Scholarships are fully funded and cover course fees, living allowance and return airfare. The scholarships are for post graduate study of up to a maximum of twelve months. Most scholars undertake Masters programmes, but awards to pursue short courses or research for between three to twelve months are also offered.

The Chevening scheme also offers a Fellows course, consisting of 12 week courses, also in the UK, to study subjects of strategic importance to the UK and the participating country. These courses include human rights, democracy, governance, security sector reform and migration. These Fellowships are also fully funded by the UK Government.

Chevening Scholarship scheme for Somalia

The Chevening Scholarship programme for 2011-12 has allocated 4 spaces to Somalia.

In respect of the short timeline this year, we would be keen to see applications from those already holding places to a UK university on a course which fits with our objectives.

Chevening Scholarships are 1 year post-graduate courses and their objective is to promote the UK's longer term political, economic and commercial interests and to support diplomacy by building understanding and goodwill.

The purpose of the selection process is to attract those with the potential to become future leaders with capacity to benefit the UK, such as

* Top-level decision makers such as heads of state/government; senior ministers; religious leaders; opposition leaders; top-level civil society leaders; top-level civil servants; top level members of the judiciary and military and business leaders.

* High level decision-makers such as ministers; influential MPs; regional and political leaders; high-level civil servants; high-level civil society leaders; senior members of the judiciary and military; senior business people; university vice-chancellors;

* Influencers and opinion formers such as senior editors and journalists; senior academics, influential members of civil society.

Applicants are encouraged to apply for courses in line with the UKs objectives for Somalia and would include, but are not exclusive to,conflict management ,human rights, governance,economics, and security.

Criteria for selection

Applicants should:

* have the potential to rise to positions of leadership and influence
* have an adequate standard of English
* have a degree equivalent to a UK 2nd class Honours
* not have already benefitted from a UK scholarship
* Be a national of a country other than the UK at the times of applying and intend to return there at the end of the period of study


The closing date will be 31st May 2011

Departure to UK will be September 2011

Applications are accepted online only
Online application: Click here


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