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2011 Scholarships for Undergraduate Studies, Okan University, Turkey


Application Guide
Applications are made directly to the International Office. Students can apply for up to five academic programs listed in order of preference. Applications are evaluated by a Faculty Board. Students placed in an academic program will be announced on our website. Students accepted for studies at Okan University will receive a Letter of Acceptance issued by the International Office.
They will then apply for a Student Visa at the nearest Turkish Consulate in their home countries.

Admission Criteria
International students applying for an undergraduate program at Okan University must submit a national or international examination result.

Language Requirements
All undergraduate students have to prove their proficiency in English before they can start the first year of their academic program. International students who are unable to submit the required English language test scores during their application can take the Okan University English Proficiency Test upon arrival. Students who fail the test will attend Okan University Intensive English Program for one year. This year is not included in the total number of years required for graduation.

Test scores for English proficiency: TOEFL-PBT: 513, TOEFL-IBT: 65, IELTS: 5.5, Okan University Proficiency Test: 60/100
Students accepted to an academic program taught in Turkish, except for those whose native language is Turkish, have to prove their proficiency in Turkish before they can start the first year of their academic program. Students can take the TOMER test upon arrival. Students, who fail the TOMER test, can take intensive Turkish classes at TOMER or at Okan University for a year.
Test score for Turkish proficiency: TOMER A or B level

Application Documents
Completed Application Form.
Certified copy of one national or international Examination Result*
Certified copy of Secondary School Diploma*
Official Transcript of Secondary Education Institution*
Certified copy of the English language test, if available
Copy of the passport
2 passport size photos
*The documents in languages other than English or Turkish must be translated and certified at the Turkish Consulate in the home country.
All documents must be received in the mail as hard copy. E-mailed or faxed applications are not accepted.
A student applying for the following academic programs should send a portfolio of his/her work along with the application documents (Fashion Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Photography, Plastic Arts, Visual Communication Design).

Application Deadlines
Early Application Deadline: July 1, 2011
Announcement of Results: July 8, 2011
Late Application Deadline: August 19, 2011Announcement of Results: August 26, 2011

We have an extensive scholarship program to help well-qualified international students study at Okan University. Scholarships are awarded on academic merit and are applicable for all years of study.
Students accepted for undergraduate studies can stay at Tuzla Campus Residence Halls. The application deadline is September 2. The International Office will make the reservations and inform the students.

Documents for Enrollment
Original Secondary School Diploma
Letter from the Ministry of Education Istanbul Office certifying the equivalence of the Secondary School diploma
Official Transcript of Secondary Education Institution
Original national or international Examination Result
Original English language test score, and Turkish test score, if applicable
Copy of the passport
Copy of the Student Visa or residence permit
6 passport size photos

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