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I'm Going to Somalia in December (inshallah)! I need contacts in/near Mugadisho


Ifrah A:
Assalamu 3alaykum!
I hope everyone is in good health and doing well. If not, may Allah give you patience and a speedy recovery. 

After learning about the drought and how it has exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in Somalia, I felt this great need to visit my country and lend a hand. I am not a doctor nor a medical student yet, so I obviously am not someone with special skills, but I would like to do my part however small it may be. I've done as much as I can overseas (fundraiser events, donating), but I feel like I need to understand first-hand what is happening there. Going back to Somalia and serving my people has been my dream and reason for pursuing medicine in the first place. I do have my B.s. degree, several years of ER shadowing experience, and research experience...if that helps. 

Alhamdullilah, my parents have given me permission to go to Somalia for one month (mid December to mid January)...they are still worried for me, which is understandable, since I have not been to Somalia since I was born there. I have some family in or near Afgoye (I'm not 100% sure about exact location yet). I wanted to shadow/learn from a physician in Mogadishu or anywhere near these two cities so I can be near family.

Lastly, I wanted to get advice on how to prepare for my trip. I know that there are unique circumstances that one must deal with while working in Mogadishu that one might not have to deal while working in a more stable African country. what are the do's and don'ts  that I MUST be aware of to have a successful and safe trip?
I will do my own online research on traveling overseas soon, but it would be nice to get steered in the right direction.

Jazakallahu khair in advance!


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