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A little for fun health professionals


salaam to ya all, after salaam i was wondering since many somali professionals live world apart if there's any social activities that we should learn from each others you know those  different cultures we live in or the most funniest experiences that  you had.
Here's one that i will never forget. There was a young somali girl about mid 20's and husband who was in mid 50's trying to have her first baby and his 11th kid, anyways  w/o any English they arrived in the ER,  as team were trying to locate somali interpreter, i guess nature took it's course. baby was getting ready to come out with or without help! so she ask him to adjust her feet but then the big gush of blood splashed on his head and face as he was helping her somehow he pushed her so hard to the side calling her  "naa nagatag wasaqyahay"  and vomited on the side of the table himself. apparently it was a big mess but the baby was OK and  healthy boy, who's about 8yrs old now. I learned the reason many somali men dont' like to go to birth center while wife is delivering his baby, couse he doesn't remember how he created at all. Lol


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