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25 years old who is P2+0 presented with history of amenorrhoea for 8 wks , vaginal bleeding for 5 days , lower abdominal pain , fever , vomiting for one day clinicalyy she was plae , pulse 120/min , Bp 100/60 and there severe supra pubic tenderness , and also offensive vaginal discharge
what is most likley diagnosis?
mention two investigation you will do?

mention two immediate line of management?
if there is surgical interference what procedure you do?
mention two serious complication of the condition?

 the most likely diagnosis is septic abortion( septic miscarriage) the most important investigation is TWBC and Hb blood grouping and cross matching and US@ you must reassessment the pt rehydrate give IV fluids until prepare for blood transfusion @ A dilatation and curettage (D&C) may be needed to clean the uterus of any residual tissue ... give prophylactic antibiotics to prevent septicemia which is the most important complication follows this condition also prevent the DIC ...........


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