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Any Ophthalmologists here?


Sorry guys, didn't really know where to post this

Are there any ophthalmolgists in site or optometerists or orthoptists?

Just curious !!


Welcome Diya!

Don't worry, New Opthalmology SubBoard is built for your question.
Sure there are a lot of Somali Ophthalmologists but I don't know if they are members of this site?
Hope they reply to your post soon.

We need ophthalmology topics here.


Thanks Dr. Mahdi

I am not an ophthalmologist but I have worked with some and will be working with them when i graduate
so it would be really great to see some of my somali brothers and sisters in this field.

Hope we get replies

Thanks again

Sainab Abdi:
Im an 2nd year optometry student

Hi, I am Ophthalmologist from UK


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