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What is Internship?!

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Internship or Medical intern is generally a term used when the physician do his training after completion of medical school before he begin to practice general medicine?
but it differ from country to country, but they all agree about the duration which is approximately 1 year.
For example in USA the training year come after compeleting medical school, passed step 2 of USML and start your first year of postgraduate training (PGY1) to be allowed to practice general medcine!
But we all agree that medical students when they graduate should do extra 1 year of training to be qualified as professional doctor who can practice general medicine.!
You graduated somali medical students:

Where are you doing this training year? and how do you feel about it?
Do you see this extra year is important for you? and why?


the term 'internship' is called placement/work experience/ training here in uk. Same meaning anyway.
I start my placement in april in childrens setting with disability. Its my first one kinda lookin forward to it...but kind of far ::) This training has to be passed for me to enrol on to the 2nd year. Each year this is repeated if you fail your graduation is delayed.


Something I should add :  Internship  it a duration of time you are Working under supervision.  time where you  put your knowledge to practise and be responsible for them. As you still work with a team you can be corrected or applaused for your diagnosis and handling of your patients.  And after finishing the rotations( 5 or 6 in ayear) you know more about yourself and the branch of medicine you want to specialise in.

Dear colleagues,

Internship in Scandinavia is slightly different then Internship in UK or US. In Denmark and Norway the Internship is called "Turnustjeneste" but in Sweden its called "Allmäntjänstgjöring" and its an obligatory 1 - 1 1/2 year practice under strict supervision. You are obliged to fulfill some certain criterias to be allowed to take part in this practice. Students with danish/norwegian/swedish passports gets first of all the priority to be in this list. If you have foreign passport, you have to undergo a long accreditation process about half to one year. The regulation are on this webpage, pls do visit if you like more information:

Thank you.

Salam everyone.

I wanted information regarding practising/undertaking an intership (pharmacy) in America after having completed an Mpharm in the UK. Please let me know. Thank you.



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