Author Topic: How to deal with your wife during her Period  (Read 10928 times)

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How to deal with your wife during her Period
« on: August 27, 2012, 03:47:03 AM »
As a man you are supposed to be merciful with your wife during her period.. a survey showed that 80% of women during there period suffer from stress, anger & feel exhausted.. in addition to some other pains like stomach & legs & back pains..
And You as a man supposed to support her during that period..
There’re some critical tips to know how to deal with her..

don’t stay away from her cause it make her feel like shunned & rejected
 try to be kind and nice with her & accept her mood change’s
 women on her period feel horny more than the normal days try to flirt with her she won’t mind
 flirting reduce her pains
 help her in home works & try to keep smiling to her don’t show that you are upset when helping

Men should traces Prophet Mohmed on his dealing with his wifes during there periods..
He was kind and nice with them during there periods..
we were told From al saida A’isha that on her period if she drunk from a cup the Prophet Mohmed put his lips on the same place Alsida A’isha drunk from & drink after her.. also he was eating from what she ate..
Prophet Mohammed is a man with all it’s meaning.. he was kind, nice, a source of love, he was a great man ..
And after all these years Psychologists concluded that’s how men should deal with there wife’s during there period
Also, Alsaida A’isha said that” Prophet Mohemmed used to lean on her legs during her period and read Qura’n .. a little bit of faith makes women feel better & never feel rejected & strength love between you and your wife..
Go on Prophet Mohmmed steps with your wife..

Women need to feel surrounded by love on that period because of her harmonic changes, so just try to be kind & helpful to not increase her stress.

One Love Somalia

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Re: How to deal with your wife during her Period
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2012, 06:18:42 AM »
Salaam everyone, In response to How to deal with your wife during her period.

Thanks Ahmed, it is well-written informative and needed points. Islam is always in the middle of all other ways of life. For example some Non-muslims may perform intercourse with their wives during period while others may isolate their wives during their period. However in Islam, men is allowed to sleep, play and do everything permissible with their wives except sexual intercourse.
In Somali culture it is taboo to talk about sex related issues. As a result, some parents may be reluctant to talk about such issues with their teenagers, however, is it obligatory and essential to discuss with teenagers what is appropriate and what is not.  Mothers and fathers ought to teach their daughters and sons respectively. IF parents do not teach their children, peer groups, or Dr.Google or Shaikh Wikipedia may do it.

Any suggestions or comments are welcomed
Thank you all


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