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Medical Emergency Response Team, Mogadishu - Somalia (6 Nurses)
« on: October 27, 2012, 02:30:38 PM »

Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT)

No of Jobs: Six (06) Nurses Duty Station: Mogadishu, Somalia Duration: 12 months Starting Date:
Closing Date:

Overview of CTG Global CTG Global is a Personnel Management Service Company specialised in Recruitment, Management Consultancy, and Human Resources in countries experiencing or emerging from armed conflict, natural disasters, or acute social and economic crisis worldwide. CTG Global provides tailored personnel management support enabling a growing number of public and private sector agencies and individuals to achieve their objectives in complex and challenging environments. CTG Global clients currently comprise UN agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs), and different corporate organisations such as security companies.

Overview of the Position

Provide 6 Advanced Life Support flight qualified nurses to be located in five different locations within Somalia to provide 24/7 medical intervention to our client’s staff.
Conduct at least two (2) medical training sessions per month, per location. One monthly session will involve local capacity building for health institutions. One monthly session will be general first aid training for our client’s staff.
Assist with mass casualty training / exercises at our client’s compounds at locations.
Assist DSS Officers with drafting and updating mass casualty and medical evacuation plans.
General Functions

It is expected that the nurses will provide unsupervised the following Trauma Interventions 1. Provide intravenous and Intra-osseous infusion 2. Emergency airway – needle crychothyrotomy 3. Needle Chest decompression 4. Spinal immobilisation using C-collar, head blocks, spinal board 5. Apply traction splint for lower limb closed fractures 6. Use of asherman dressing (or similar) for open pneumothorax injury 7. Appropriately manage Traumatic Brain Injury with evidence of raised intracranial pressure 8. Appropriately manage casualty with large surface area burns for protracted period 9. Appropriately manage casualties with traumatic injuries including fractures, blast injury, crush injury, drowning/near drowning, open abdominal injuries etc

Essential Experience

Technical Requirements for Medical Staff 1. All nurses must be currently registered have at least 5 years’ experience working as an advanced life support nurse. All nurses must have current PHTLS and ACLS certificates or equivalent (the authorising body of the certificates must also be mentioned). 2. All nurses must have at least two years of experience working in local health care facilities in sub-Saharan Africa.
3. All nurses should have a basic understanding of adult learning concepts and the development and delivery of emergency medical training courses (including scenario based training) 4. All medical staff must have medical training experience and have delivered at least 10 courses in basic life support training. 5. All medical staff must be covered by medical malpractice insurance 6. The organisation must provide 24 hour remote medical technical support to medical staff working in Somalia. 7. Clinical guidelines for medical staff should be submitted in hard copy with the technical bid for tender. 8. Provide emergency first aid training to all of our client’s staff as required in main humanitarian hubs in Somalia. All staff trained in each compound, all interested staff to receive basic emergency first aid training. 9. Assist our client in development practice and maintenance of mass casualty plans; all compounds to have updated Mass casualty Plans that are practiced once per month. 10. As required provide assistance to national medical facilities in development of mass casualty plans 11. Provide training to major hospitals in triage and mass casualty planning. 12. In consultation with the Chief Medical Officer, develop and implement First Aid and BLS training programmes to meet mission needs 13. Responsible for the preparation or updating of emergency kits, trauma kits and evacuation kits for Doctors, emergency vehicles and strategically place kits in the facility 14. Maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment for the stabilization centre 15. Performs medical briefing for incoming staff 16. Identifies and plans stabilization centre’s material, supplies and equipment requirements and raises requisitions accordingly. Our client will be responsible for procuring medical equipment and consumables. 17. Suggest and research equipment necessary for proper medical support; After receiving permission to order will aid in the requisitions 18. Plans and implements preventive health care programmes for compounds in his/her location 19. Our client will provide security for medical staff; all medical staff will be accommodated in our client’s approved accommodation. 20. It is expected that the nurses will work unassisted in remote locations and therefore be able to perform the following interventions without supervision.

As an indication of the skill set required of the paramedics the following list is provided to provide guidance to the contractor on the requirement for providing advanced life support intervention in such a remote environment with protracted medical evacuation. a) Use basic airway adjuncts such as OPA, NPA b) Provide airway suctioning c) Perform emergency endotracheal intubation and manual (or mechanical) ventilation (IPPV and APPV) d) Perform pharmacologically assisted intubation e) Provide ongoing monitoring using ECG, SpO2 and End tidal CO2 monitoring equipment f) Pharmacologically treat medical emergencies – hypoglycaemia, anaphylaxis, continuous recurrent seizures, overdose of narcotic drugs, pulmonary oedema, conscious / altered conscious asthma, g) Administer narcotic analgesia h) Manage chest pain of cardiac nature using appropriate pharmacological intervention i) Provide appropriate intervention (including pharmacological intervention) for unstable symptomatic patients the following dysrhythmias: ventricular fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, electromechanical dissociation, asystole, bradycardia, supraventricular tachycardia, atrial fibrillation / flutter with rapid ventricular response, premature ventricular complexes, accelerated idioventricular rhythms, bizarre/unknown rhythms. j) Provide appropriate intervention for patient with inadequate perfusion associated with cardiac chest pain k) Manage a casualty with hypoperfusion associated with hypovolaemia / non-hypovolaemia causes
How to apply:
Applicants should send a letter of application and their CV to . Please subject your email with BHJOB2678_221. Telephone enquiries may be directed to Emma Kalonzo: Tel: +971 (0)4 369 5027

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