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1991 – 2013

By Hassan Kheyre

After Misinterpretation or misconception MSF leaves in Somalia. This article briefly explaining MSF Mission of humanitarian assistance in Somalia since 1991 up to 2013, and also make clear What is MSF, Why MSF come in Somalia, Projects MSF in Somalia, threats that MSF encountered its mission and why MSF left in Somalia. 

MSF was formed 1971, by group of doctors and some journalist, it is a charity organization named Medecins Sans Frontieres or doctors without borders and its establishment took place during Nigerian civil war, where they provided humanitarian assistance to those vulnerable. After that time MSF become a famous humanitarian organization in the world

In Somalia, MSF fact fined delegation come Somalia in 1990, during Ousted of central government of Somalia and beginning of civil strife. But they started humanitarian activities in 1991, especially capital city of Somalia Mogadishu. 

According MSF rules, this organization provides assistance or interferes to the country or area where the following situations are applicable:
1.   Countries./area has Violence and their populations happen both natural or man-made disasters
2.   Countries./area suffering conflicts including gunshot wounds or sexual violence
3.   Countries./area occurs Epidemics and Endemic Disease and mostly focuses on epidemics, nutritional emergencies and major killers such as AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, cholera.
4.   Countries./area has Extreme Health Gaps means Regions which have just emerged from conflict are often still in acute need of medical aid as populations are still vulnerable and the medical system has not had sufficient time to be re-established fully.

The entire above situation took place in Somalia for the duration of 1991 until 1995, at that time Somali occurred famine, gunshot wounds, cholera and measles outbreak and not have Minster of health. That is Why MSF come up to Somalia.

After beginning MSF mission in Somalia. Humanitarian assistance from MSF covered 10 regions in Somalia such as:-  “Diinsoor, Huddur, Jamame, Jowhar, Kismayo, Marerey, Muqdisho, Galka’yo, Guri-el Balad Weyne, Bosaaso, Burco”, all those regions has been implemented different humanitarian projects. However it was based on basic healthcare that habitually MSF implement countries where MSF works, those are:-
1.   emergency Surgery operations
2.   Mother and Childcare  treatments
4.   malnutrition treatment
5.   good quality free Drugs supply
6.   epidemic response
7.   immunization campaigns activities
8.   providing water, and relief supplies.

Somali people and health staffs that worked with MSF organization will remember and not forget the generous humanitarian assistance that MSF provided to the Somali vulnerable population and war torn country which are not summarized, but most excellent 7 projects that MSF implemented in Somalia as follows:-
1.   Prevention and treatment cholera outbreak in years 1994, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2011, 2012
2.   relief response for the famine and Malnutrition that take place Somalia in the year 1992
3.   opening and running Xaawo Cabdi Hospital, in 2007-2010.
4.   opening  and running Dayniile Hospital, for years.
5.   providing pentvalant vaccine in Somalia, for years.
6.   Contributing relief assistance for east Africa famine in  2011.
7.   Free Drug supply with good quality between 1991 – 2013.

Médecins Sans Frontières is an independent organization, that means MSF provides assistance and medical care to people who need it regardless of ethnic origin, religion, politics, clan or gender. All of its actions remain independent of any political or other agenda than responding to the greatest need. However, frequaently MSF during its mission I Somalia has encountered Abuse, kill, attack, abduct and manipulation against MSF and its staffs.
The following are some Abuse, kill, attack, abduct occurred so as to MSF closed a number of projects:-
1.   20 June, 1997 - Dr. Ricardo Marques MSF killed in Baidha’o Hospital, MSF closed all medical programmes in baidha’o town and bardhere town.
2.   December, 2003 - MSF watchman killed, after attacked MSF center in Mareereey town. But MSF not closed this projects.
3.   December,  2007 – Two MSF staff abducted Bosaaso town. MSF closed all medical programmes in Basaaso.
4.   I8 January, 2008 – three MSF Staffs killed in Kismayo after attack,  those are Victor, Damien iyo Maxamed Bidhaan. MSF evacuated 84 international staffs inside 14 projects in somalia.
5.   12 March, 2008 – MSF staffs killed Bal’ad town. 
6.   19 April, 2009 - Two MSF staff abducted bakool town.
7.   13 October, 2011 – Two MSF staff abducted Dhadhaab. Montserrat Serra, 40 years and Blanca Thiebaut, 30 years. But after 21 months MSF forced to close all medical programmes in Somalia
8.   29 December, 2011 - Philippe Havet iyo Dr. Karel Keiluhu MSF killed in Mogadishu, MSF closed largest projects in Mogadishu.

Finally, 14 August 2013, MSF announced to close all medical programmes in Somalia After operating continuously in Somalia since 1991. According MSF press release, this closing caused by Abuse and manipulation of humanitarian action in Somalia, and this trouble come from armed groups and civilian leadership support tolerance of violent attacks against MSF. In generally MSF left Somalia not only security, but MSF has limits therefore they reached their limit in Somalia.

If MSF close the projects or leaves is the one of the most difficult decisions taken by MSF. although MSF objectives in Somalia are not completed, because still the acute crisis (e.g. fighting, etc.) has not passed and vulnerable populations haven’t sufficiently recovered.

In my opinion MSF organization deserve that the local leaders who running the evacuated area make an apologize and the Somali community must recognize the facts of MSF. 


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