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I Study Dental Assisting!

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Save it !:
I'm a new member !

I study dental Assisting ! but I don't know which category I belong to ?

Nursing ? Dental ?

I hope I"ll get full support from u guys this is my first year...

I study in Dubai ..

this is a great forum !

Than you all

Welcome Save it!
As a dental nurse, you belong to both categories and can contribute to either.
I am also 1st year medical student and I have benefited a lot from this web site and hope you do so too!
If you encounter any problems feel free to ask here.
 ;D أهلا وسهلا
 I thinkYou belong to DENTAL not nursing

Because nursing means dealing with pts and giving them care
While dental technician is the person who deals with the sterilization, processing dental materials and assessing during the treatment, and has limited contact with the patients
That’s why in a hospital you will not be under the nursing department and the Nursing Director wont be your superior and you wont be considered a part from the nursing team

You will be a part from the Dental OPD team
As the dental lab technician and dental x-ray technician and the dentists
Your superior will be the head of the dental department who is usually a dentist
Other big dental centers have head of dental nursing team

;D by the way iam a dental student
واتمنى ان تفيد وتستفيد

Save it !:
Thank you , Abdulahi and Dr. Smile ..

aad baad u mahadsantihiin, I don't know much about the this Field really .. we are 4 somali guys and girls studying the same field, I'm little bit confused really, because they said we are certified dental assistants that's our job title but does that mean the certificate will be recognized all over the world ?

by the way manhajka aan dhigano is وفق معايير الجمعية البريطانية لممرضي الاسنان even the instructors from the British Association of Dental nurses. So If anyone got idea about that brothers?

"Dental Assistant" is an American title for which the British equivalent is "dental nurse". They are, in fact, a sort of scrub nurse in dental surgery. The difference is purely semantic.

"Certified Dental Assistant" sounds much like RDA, "Registered Dental Assistant", which is the top of the line here. They take x-rays, do coronal polish, manage patient education and follow-up. Do much of the back-end management.

I believe x-rays and coronal polish require local certification, but I doubt your basic degree would be questioned.

Here is Oakland, California.


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