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Salam all somali Doctors ....would asking all 4 helping my survey study for fullfil requirment research 4 MBBS Degree...any 1 who can suggest me some topics or feilds wl b areciated..thnx all

I would advise you to discuss the options your supervisor may think is suitable for you and meet the criteria for your graduation.
You know there are a lot of questions you need to answer before choosing a graduation topic such as:

1- Do I have enough knowledge about that specific topic?
2- Will that topic be preferred by your college professors?
3- Will you get sufficient data or cases about the topic you will choose?
4- Will that research needs resources that are not at your disposal?
5- Is that topic researched before or it's a unique one and the college will welcome it?

The above practical questions should be addressed before you choose a topic or ask someone to propose it especially if that person is not familiar in your context.

My advise to you is to choose a topic which can be supported by your closest professor and preferably related to his specialty.
In addition to that, I believe one of the responsibilities of your supervisor is to guide you to choose a graduation project or research.

I hope that will clear you worries.



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