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Primary(deciduous) teeth
« on: February 11, 2015, 12:54:57 AM »
Primary teeth are also called deciduous  or milk teeth. They are 20 in number for the both jaws. 10 upper jaw and 10 low jaw.
They consist of 4 central incisors, 4 lateral incisors, 4 canines and 8 molars.
Milk teeth are very important in the life of the child. It is unfortunately the community beloved milk teeth have no important role in the mouth as longer they will shade/come out at the end .
  A lot of people have teeth mal alignment or over crowding due to eary extraction of the milk teeth .
It is important for us to educate the community about the the milk teeth and their impact in the life of the child .

Thank you
Elias O.R


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