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Where're our dentists?

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Where are you dental students?
the only empty board in the whole forum is here, we are waiting for the dentists to come and post their interesting topics here, but so far we have not any.
Please honor us by visiting and telling friends and posting your topics.
Thank you in andvance
Ciise Dheere

Salam every one iam a dental student   in Yemen its really  :'(
Disappointing to find so  little Somali dental students . why there is no interest in  Somali dentists? I think because most of the ppl who come directly from Somalia do not credit this specialty even the few Somalis who study dentistry live away from Somalia like in the gulf states or abroad
I really would like to know what do you think


I look forward to the future. Insha allah, i see a bright future for Somali professionals, whether they be academics, medics, dentists, businessmen/women, or anything else.

I'm sure there will be more dental students, but it is up to us to increase our peoples awareness of these vital careers, and our need for them. Sometime in the future, a real association for Somali doctors and dentists will have to be set up, if we want a real shot at rebuilding our country, and rehabilitating our people.

That is correct NOMAD, there is a bright future for all somali educated people, but it needs some one with your astonishing hope and faith in the future to beleive so.
I beleive that it is up to us to make our future good or bad, and no one else is to blame for our failure, if we do fail.
Dentistry is a very important subject and has a guaranteed income and continuous payback, but I dont know still why there are less somali dentists. I salute for being a dental student, and I know my self other dental students worldwide, It is your job to make this dream come true, the dream of the somali people to get sufficient physicians.
Ciise Dheere.

Dr mohamed:
here we  are
 there are  alot of somali dental students
esp. in pakistan alone
may be around 15 students
  me  I am   a dentist  gratuated before  4 years
 I think  somali  will  get  soon  alot of  dentist
who  will  satisfy   the  need of  public
thougth  they  are now few in  the field
 hope  best  for all somalis esp. students


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