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I posted this thread to figure out how many public health members (Students or Doctors) in this forum?

Because we all agree that it's very important field but it's missing in this forum, we don't have specific board for it?

Also this includes all members with master of public health (MPH)?
"Health care matters to all of us some of the time, public health matters to all of us all of the time"

Asalamu Alaykum
I know how important Public Health, that is why I always wanted to be in preventative medicine. I recieved by MSc in Infectious Diseases from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
I now work in the US.

Thanks scientistlady, it was really a good choice!

Where are you public health members?

Only 1 reply so far!!

"Prevention is better than cure."

Assalamy caleykum.............

waxaan ku farax sanahay inaan mar uun arko qeyb cusub oo ay yeelato ardaya
dhigta public health.
waxaan ka codsanaayaa ardayda cidii haysa war bixin ku saabasan master of public inaad ii soo dirtaan.


salamu calaikum

thanx brother Diagnostic for posting this topic  abt public health students , am one of them and going to start now Public health soon so i can say am Public health candidate.....


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