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Multiple personality disorder
« on: April 05, 2008, 09:19:07 PM »
Multiple personality disorder, which is also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), is a psychotic (neurosis) disorder in which a person suffering from the mental disturbance undergo different experiences and his/her personality becomes dissociated into more than one personalities. These personalities dominate and control the behavior of the patient alternatively or depending on the mental stress condition.

Multiple Personality Disorder can be caused by many reasons such as childhood abuse, social environment of the patient; problems in brain functioning, over-exposure (i.e. repeated episodes) to some traumatic situations, lack of proper support from someone in countering stress filled situations, influence of a particular personality may be from surrounding or from history etc. Situations where mental stress and pressure are high induce vulnerability of a person to this disorder.

A person suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder undergoes change in personality in just a few seconds. The patient then acts as a completely different person than he/she is in reality, the patient imitates characteristic and behavioral traits, name, history etc. of the person he/she thinks he/she is. People suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder sometimes undergo change in personality where they have alters of different genders, sexual orientations, ages, or nationalities. Some people alter to something that is not even human; they alter to some spiritual force, sometimes to different animals, sometimes to some extra terrestrial life force etc. Generally, people suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder has from 2 to 10 alters but at situations there have been as many as some hundred alters.

The symptoms of this disorder are:
Patients suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder loose memory in the form of major chunks. They do not remember things happened in their lives over an extended period of time or sometimes they forget what had happened with them between particular periods of time. For example, people forget everything about their childhood or sometimes they forget about whatever happened during a time period say some 3-4 year of time. When a person alters and a different personality dominates them, they do not remember what they did after they become normal.

Depersonalization is another symptom people suffering from MPD experience. Patient feel as if his/her body is getting dissolved, sometimes they feel as if they are out of their own body and watching something happening to there own body but do not have any control over it, sometimes they feel as if their body is not real and is changing in size, shape, color etc.

Patient also experience derealization as one of the symptoms of this disorder. Patient experience whatever he/she is looking at, that thing is changing in shape, size or color. Sometimes they feel as if the things they are watching are not real.

Any stressful situation may trigger in altering of the personality of the person who is suffering from this disorder. The person then acts, behaves as if he is someone else.

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