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Title: Study Medicine in Holland
Post by: Admin on September 07, 2007, 09:22:43 PM
Members studying or working in Holland are requested to give any useful information to our members whom are willing to join them.
Any information you give here, will be helpful to your brother.
Title: Re: Study Medicine in Holland
Post by: Mustafa on September 12, 2007, 12:57:23 AM
Assalam Aleikum dear students and colleagues in medicine from the Netherlands.

The Dutch medical universities offer the six-year Doctor of Medicine programme with cooperation of medical university hospitals. This strong relationship enables you to deal directly with patients early on in your studies, thereby providing you with invaluable experience that really brings the theoretical course material to life.

The study in short terms:
The Bachelor’s is a three-year programme, after which you can proceed to the Doctor of Medicine phase (the Master’s). In the first year of the Bachelor’s programme, the focus is on the healthy functioning of the human body, while the second year centres on human development. In the final Bachelor’s year you will be introduced to the study of disease and its underlying causes. You will analyse patient problems from molecule to symptom and from disease to recovery. For most of your three-year Master’s programme, you will be based in the hospital.

Prospects after your Bachelor’s:
The career you embark on as a Medicine graduate depends on the specialization you choose during the Master’s phase. The current job prospects for Medicine graduates are outstanding. Almost all our graduates work as a doctor in the healthcare sector. Around 25 per cent work as general practitioners, 40 per cent as medical specialists, 25 per cent in social medicine and 10 per cent end up in a variety of other jobs. You can work in very different segments of the healthcare sector, from general practice to nursing home, from your local hospital to a medical post in a developing country.

Admission requirements bachelor's programme in Medicine:

Dutch diploma:

VWO education with profiles ‘Natuur en Gezondheid’ or ‘Natuur en Techniek’ (Biology 1, 2).
Students with VWO profiles ‘Economie en Maatschappij’ and ‘Cultuur en Maatschappij’ must have also taken Physics 1, Chemistry 1, Biology 1, 2 and Mathematics b1.
‘Old style’ VWO diplomas no longer give access to medical education.
Applicants who have a HBO propedeuse or have successfully completed a full course, or have a university propedeuse or a university degree must demonstrate adequate knowledge, at VWO level, of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics b.
For more information you can download the brochure Deficiënties bij de overstap van VWO naar universiteit voor Geneeskunde/Tandheelkunde/Diergeneeskunde at

All medical faculties offer a limited number of students the opportunity to study medicine. Because every year there are more applicants than available places, a national lottery procedure determines the students who will be able to enter the programme. The Informatie Beheer (IB) Groep performs the weighted lottery. You can go to their website, for details about the procedure. The outcome of the lottery is announced around the middle of July.

Non-Dutch diploma:
Students who have a diploma from an institution outside the Netherlands must meet the following requirements to qualify for participation in the lottery:

A diploma that is equivalent to a Dutch VWO diploma.
A certain level of mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry.
Proof that they have an adequate command of the Dutch language.