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Title: Free visitation, diagnosis and treatment
Post by: SOYDA on April 24, 2008, 07:38:51 PM
Really if you visit the IDP camps out side Mogadishu, you will encounter something horrible, Today we made flee visiting to Ceelasha biyaha in order to give them Free diagnosis and free medicine, and our target diseases are skin disease, epilepsy under 5 yrs and malaria, in the name of Allah, Soyda Medical group met people who need emergency intervention, people who are unable to go private hospitals, they will tell you they don have time to waste for searching medicine, because we always search for what to eat, emotionally and morally too much sourness.
 The people that we give them free medicine reaches 780, 28% are Women specially reproductive aged, 45% are Children, while the remaining are extreme aged.

The roughly data that we have made now is 51% they have Skin infections, 18 have UTI, 13% have malaria,  9 epilepsy and the remaining had combined.
Finally, Soyda Medical group done their duty as it was organized and tomorrow they are going to Km 13 for same help and same target.
 If you are more interesting to get the data and the pictures, you can contact us directly through email and we will forward you the information in detailed.

Executive Director of SOYDA

Dr. abdiqani Shiekh Omar
Title: Re: Free visitation, diagnosis and treatment
Post by: Waxbaro! on April 28, 2008, 12:14:00 PM
You are really doing a great job, keep the good work up