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Title: Study Medicine in Australia
Post by: Admin on September 07, 2007, 09:12:39 PM
Members studying or working in Australia are requested to give any useful information to our members whom are willing to join them.
Any information you give here, will be helpful to your brother.
Title: Re: Study Medicine in Australia
Post by: Diya on November 27, 2007, 09:16:46 AM

I am currently studying Orthoptics. Orthoptics is a discipline pertaining to the evaluation and treatment of patients with disorders of binocular vision, eye movements and functional amblyopia (lazy eye).

Here in Australia, The course is actually called orthoptics and ophthalmic science, rather than studying orthoptics only, as in all other countries around the world, you are also tought ophthalmic science, such as checking vision through several different methods, prescribing glasses for both adults and children, measuring intraocular pressure, testing visual fields and alot more.
Orthoptists work closely with ophthalmologists to ensure that patients with eye muscle disorders are exposed to a full range of treatment options. These additional options include optical, medical and surgical treatment.

It is a four year course with plenty of work available for through out Australia. only two universities in Australia offer this course, University of sydney in sydney and Latrobe university in melbourne. All other major cities have orthoptists there but no school of orthoptics. You can only imagine how much they are needed in these other cities as well as rural areas.

Hope this was informative, happy to answer any of your questions

Title: Re: Study Medicine in Australia
Post by: Dr.XalimaPatra on December 12, 2007, 03:27:57 PM
salamz  , thnz for the nice weclome,
im studying medical science  which is pathology cousre, once i finish my 3 year cousre inshallah i will be qualified as a medical scienist , where i will be the medical scienist  incharge of  whatever department of the pathology lab , that i have majoired in my last year of study, thus i`ll become  a medical microbiologist, or a  haematology medical scienist , or biochemistry medical scienist , or histopathology medical scienist , or a serologist , or cytologist.....and even i get the opportunties of goin in the reserach field , im thinkin of maybe doin stem cell reserach and finding other cures for cancer...and also the opportunity of workin for the red cross in blood and tissue transfussion. inshallah once im qualified and have a couple of years of experience under my belt , im thinkin of workin with health organisations in africa , such as the doctors without boraders organisation, as a medical microbiologist ( as africa badly needs it).
but inshallah once i finsh i plan to sit examz for the graduate entry in to medicine first inshallah.
anways the opportunties as very wide once you`ve graduated as a medical scienist . I know a couple of somali`s in this field , my sister who is a medical microbiologist and a haematology medical scienist, then there is a girl who is graduatin now and a guy who graduated last year , a cousin of mine in another state and  then there`s me and my friend who are in are second year.

well australia is great ( love it here as i have grown up here) but medical entry is hard just like any other country, i know we have 3 somali doctors in my city and there could be more in the other cities, i dont know of somali`s that are studyin medicine right , but i know of a couple of as that are sitin for the entry examinations ...
Title: Re: Study Medicine in Australia
Post by: NagibMakaheel on December 15, 2007, 04:33:31 PM
Hi i have just graduated with BSc Human Biology (preclinical Mj) with Honours in 2007. my degree provides a  basis for all studies in the health and allied health professions. it provides a broadly based science degree aimed at preparing students for the prerequisite examinations for entry into graduate medical schools (which is my ultimate target). Graduates also qualify to continue their studies at a postgraduate level in a broad range of health professions. This degree program offers an excellent grounding in the preclinical medical sciences allowing specialisations in aspects of applied human structure and function. It is structured to allow some flexibility in the choice of units of study. The course emphasises the development of problem solving skills in a collaborative environment which is structured just like the PBL system used in medical schools in australia. yeah its an ideal course for preparing premeds. very nice website, i never know such a website for somalis, well done!

Title: Re: Study Medicine in Australia
Post by: Dacwa on March 15, 2008, 05:37:30 PM
Asalamu Alaykum Wr Wb,
Firstly, well done to the people that are behind this website - I have just discovered it, think it is great, and ask Allah that he reward you all for your efforts in trying to ease the burden on our students, future health care professionals, and therefore our people. Ameen.

I am actually studying Dentistry in Australia, but since the process is identical till the very last 2 years, I thought I'd reply to this post as what I have to say may be of some use to some of our future medicos.

OK - to get into med/dent, this is what one needs to do:

*Do an undergrad degree - preferably Science/Medical Science as this will make life a lot easier for you once you get in - IA. And do well at it (ie at least a credit average).

*Sit the GAMSAT (graduate entry exam). It is not the easiest of exams, takes almost an entire day to do, and consists of 40% Bio, 40% Chem and 20% Physics. There are businesses that cater for this by offering coaching and notes at a little over $1000 - a little overpriced for me and as such I didn't do the course. However, I do have access to notes, and if there's anyone considering taking the exam, I am happy to pass them on.

*Following a successful GAMSAT, sit an interview. For this, you require du'a from your parents, infact everyone you know. However, the qns are recycled year after year, and my friends and I have written down what we were asked, so again, if you send me a line, am happy to forward these qns.

Once you're in, the course is PBL based (both med and dent - infact, we share classes for the first 2 yrs, and split up during the last 2), and for me the I would not wish to be anywhere else.

I will stop now, but if anyone has any qns, or would like any advice, I am happy to answer.

If it kheir for you, I hope those of you trying get in, and if you do not get in the first time round - keep applying yearly - It's well worth the effort.

Wasalaamu Alaykum Wr Wb.
Title: Re: Study Medicine in Australia
Post by: PrincessMuni on June 09, 2008, 11:45:30 PM
Salam Alaykom ...
i'd like to know about studying medicine or nursing in australia
how is it? how much does it cost and what are the universities that allow
nurses to compelete thier studies ??
does it need experience to work in australia? and if so how many  years?
coz to be honest am thinking of working here for two years and then
leave to australia...
so if anyone has any idea that would be great
thanks for reading  :)
Title: Re: Study Medicine in Australia
Post by: Qawariira on August 14, 2008, 12:12:08 AM
Wa alaykum salam warahmatullah

Maashallah tabarakallah for your accomplishments and may Allah make you of the sucessful in this dunya and Akhirah, ameen.

I was reading ur posts and quite interesting....i wantd to ask bout studying medicine/dentistry in australia and whether they r keen on overseas students? And cost?

Jzk khayr

Title: Re: Study Medicine in Australia
Post by: Dacwa on August 29, 2008, 09:19:38 AM
Salamu Alayku Wr Wb Princess_Muni and Qawaariira,
Hope you're both well and looking forward to Ramadan.

I'll attempt to answer your questions as best I can.

Firstly, regardind Dentistry - The course is offered by the following Universities;
Universities of Adelaide, Melbourne, Queensland, Sydney and Griffith.

To be honest, I can really only answer questions about the university of Sydney, which is where I am, and you'll find anything you ever wanted to know and more at: (

You both asked specifically about fees and so I've cut and paste the paragraph explaining fees.

Fees for International Students

Students who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents, or who are not citizens of New Zealand, are considered international students, and are accepted into the University only on a full-fee basis. The University’s tuition fees are reviewed annually and may be varied during the period of study.
The fee is AU$45,108 per year for 2009 with about AU$25,000+ required for living costs. Additional to this estimate are equipment costs and Student Fees and Subscriptions and Overseas Student Health Cover.

Regarding medicine;
This site below has a list of the universities offering the course and the pathways of gaining entry to these schools. (

And this site has a few more details regarding the medical program at Sydney. (

Again, as far as cost is concerned, here is a paragraph I've cut and pasted from the med site.

Applicants who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents, or are not citizens of New Zealand, will be considered as international students, and are accepted into the University only on a full-fee basis. The fee for 2009 will be AUD$53,760 p.a. + four years' health cover around $1,406. For more information on health cover, please refer to Health insurance for international students.

You will need to allow for around AUD$18,000 p.a. to cover living costs. For more information about living costs in Sydney please check the International Student Guide.

The Universities are keen for International students as far as I can tell (from speaking to my international friends) since their $ helps pay for the resources we (the locals) use - or so they tell us  :)

Princess_Muni - There is a tremendous shortage of nurses here, and there are alot of nurses who come here to work. Most Universities also offer Nursing. Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure about what is involved, but if you do not need the information urgently, I'll find out for you and let you know InshaAllah.

I hope some of this is of some use to you both. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask and I'll try to answer them.

Wasalamu Alykum Wr Wb and Ramadak Kariim,

Title: Re: Study Medicine in Australia
Post by: PrincessMuni on August 30, 2008, 05:14:05 PM
thanks alot for your informations.... I am not in a hurry so sure anytime you find out infos about working there as a nurse please let me know.
Title: Re: Study Medicine in Australia
Post by: Rania on December 09, 2008, 03:40:57 PM
hi every 1 cid wanaagsan thnkz 4 ur precious information iwould like 2 contact all of diya, dr xalima ,dacwa,nagib ,n all availible somali students in australia my email adress zahroalex33@yahoo thnkz
Title: Re: Study Medicine in Australia
Post by: Dacwa on December 14, 2008, 11:37:11 AM
Asalamu Alaykum Wr Wb all,
I hope you've all had a great and blessed Eid.

Rania - I've sent you a private email like you asked for.

Princess_Muni - Below is information regarding nursing you asked for  - hope its of some use.
If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.
Wasalamu Calaykum Wr Wb,

Nursing in Australia

•   List of the Nursing schools in Australia
o (

•   List of Australian universities + links for details
o ( 

•   Information for Nurses Wishing to Relocate to Australia   
o (
  Nursing in Australia Brochure (PDF file, 417kb)
  Nursing and midwifery in Victoria – a new approach to your career (PDF file, 344kb)
  Visa and registration requirements for nurses and midwives (PDF, 385kb)
  Living and working in Victoria as a health professional (PDF, 460kb)

I hope you're able to access the PDFs from the website - if you're unable to so, email me, and I'll send them as attachments.

Title: Re: Study Medicine in Australia
Post by: Sahan on October 17, 2009, 10:11:27 AM

marka hore salaanta islaamka ayaan idinku salaamaya dhaman Groupka, ilaahay waxaan inooga rajaynaya inuu inaga dhigo kuwii dadkooda iyo dalkooda anfaca.
bacda that walal runtii waxbarashada xaga caafimaadka ee Australia way yara ka kantahay gaar ahaan xaga gelista very hard, se waxa jira courses la soo maro oo xagooda laga soo wareego kuuna fududaynaayay jaaniska sida BACHELOR OF BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE, iyo Health Sciencekaba.
se gobolada qaar waxay yara sahlantahay sida gobolka QUEENSLAND oo la moodo in xaga xitaa mudadu ka yartahay inta kale.
waxaana ugu jaanis yar Gobolka Victoria ee ay ku taal Magaalada Melbourne.

aniga ahaan waxaan bartaaa BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE inshalah I hope inaan ilaa mastertana dhameeyo inshalah hadana waa sanadkaygii ugu dambeeyay inshalah  and I hope to be Medical Scienctist waxaana ka bartaa magaalada melbourne Jaamacada VICTORIA UNIVERSITY. almost waxaan odhan karaaa subjects kaan qaadano se waxaa ardayga loo train gareynayaa ama loo diyaarshay as doctor oo kale markaad eegto subjects lagu qaato iyo kuwa caafimaadka inkastoo waxbadan is dheer yihiin hadana waa isak doctor casilan baan odhan karaa kkkkkk