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Title: Case of medical student exam syndrome
Post by: Dr.Habiib on May 26, 2011, 06:35:55 PM
A female patient 20 year old student in faculty of medicine came with her mother to doctor complaining of severe headache, blurring of vision, easy fatigue, and lack of concentration, anxiety, insomnia with colic abdominal pain, mild diarrhea and anorexia. On examination she was pale, her heart rate was 80/min and blood pressure was 140/100mmHg.

1. What is provisional diagnosis??
2. What is the cause of this disease?
- SINCE SHE IS IN THE THIRD YEAR IN FACULTY OF MEDICINE, THE LARGE AMOUNT OF PATHOLOGY, PHARMACOLOGY, MICROBIOLOGY, PARASITOLOGY, cause V.C. of vessels of brain and G.I.T, then cause accumulation of toxic metabolites which makes this symptoms.
3. What is treatment of this case?
Answer: - start treatment immediately byI.V. infusion of:
ابذل اقصي جهد وتوكل على الله ( ومن يتوكل على الله فهو حسبه).
الثقة في فضل الله ورحمته ( إنه لا ييأس من روح الله الا القوم الكافرون).
إخلاص النية في المذاكرة.
الصبر على التعب( النصر صبر ساعة)
- Tablets: ( دعاء) at least five times/ day