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Title: "Google Of The Brain"
Post by: Admin on February 20, 2007, 06:09:18 PM
You can hardly remember the term "google" before 1999 but today it's the most visited web site with more than 380 million users per month!
The term google found it's way to the dictionary due it's popularity and usually used as the "search" word!
"I am googling", "DId you google that?" "google it" and so on
Now, the term "google" entered into the medical field!!
"The Allen Brain Atlas, a genome-wide map of the mouse brain on the Internet, has been hailed as "Google of the brain." The atlas now has a companion or the brain's working molecules, a sort of pop-up book of the proteins, or proteome map, that those genes express."
A term with no meaning become pupular like this and will be given to the next generation and they will found suddenly in their dictionary without knowing it's origin!!
By: Dr.Mahdi