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Title: Have you seen such a case?!
Post by: Admin on February 22, 2007, 03:32:33 PM
A rare syndrome called Idiot-Savant Syndrome or Autististic Savants Syndrome!!
It's some sort of cognitive phenomenon in psychology.
From it's name "Idiot" means "Unlearned" and "Savant" means "Learned" so the whole term "idiot savant" refers to an individual with autism who has an extraordinary skill, or skills, not exhibited by most people.
So I am not going to talk about this syndrome in details but I will leave it open for all the doctors who would like to participate this discussion!!
I think it's somehow interesting topic since I saw such a case in sudan 2004!!
I am waiting your replies, and I shall say something more about that case
By: Dr.Mahdi
Title: Re: Have you seen such a case?!
Post by: IsseGole on February 24, 2007, 04:46:13 PM
هؤلاء الأطفال يسمون بالعباقرة الأغبياء لأنهم في بعض الحاجات يظهرون خوارق وفي أبسط الأشياء لا يقدرون على فعل شيء بأنفسهم ،
I watched that in a movie made by dustin hoffman and tom cruise, The Rain Man, he was typical idiot savant syndrome, or autistic savant syndrome, I mean dustin hoffman, I watched the movie but I didn't know of the name of the syndrome.
apparently, that movie made the syndrome famous.
nice tip of information dr mahdi.
Ciise Dheere
Title: Re: Have you seen such a case?!
Post by: Admin on February 24, 2007, 06:36:19 PM
You are right!
Usually these children have IQ less than 50 which means they can not depend on them selves and can't be educated but God gave them extraordinary abilities which a genius person can't do it!
Around 10 per cent of people with autism show special or even remarkable skills. The skills range includes:
Splinter skills - the most common type. The person, like an obsessive hobbyist, commits certain things to memory, such as sports trivia.
Talented skills - the person has a more highly developed and specialised skill. For example, they may be artistic and paint beautiful pictures, or have a memory that allows them to work out difficult mathematical calculations in their head.
Prodigious skills - the rarest type. It is thought that there are only about 25 autistic savants in the world who show prodigious skills. These skills could include, for example, the ability to play an entire concerto on the piano after hearing it only once.
Specialised skill
In all cases of savant syndrome, the skill is specific, limited and most often reliant on memory. Generally, savant skills include:
Music - the piano is the most popular instrument. For example, the skill may be the ability to play the piano without being taught.
Art - such as the ability to draw, paint or sculpt to high standards. For example, Richard Wawro is an autistic savant who is also blind, but his crayon drawings command up to $10,000 each.
Mathematics - for example, the ability to work out complicated sums in their head, or to calendar calculate (for example, work out what day it was on 1 June1732).
Language - in rare cases, the person may be unusually gifted in languages.
Other skills - such as knowing the time without seeing a clock, untaught mechanical skills, having an unfailing sense of direction or the ability to commit maps to memory.
I saw a case in real live here in Sudan, this boy had mathematics skill and he can able to calculate huge numbers in seconds and also can remeber every day in every given year 'What day of the week was May 22, 1961? and he can determine the answer within seconds: "Monday". !!
But the puzzling question here is how such a mentally retarded person can be able to have such specialized skills?!
There are a lot of theories available today explain the reason and there are alot of researchs done in this case
also they discovered that someone can acquire such skills when he involves in head trauma.
There are also a lot of movies and stories done in this case without giving it's real name and they always present the genius part of these persons!
Check the wiki's article about this disease (
Also read this article with the real life rain man kim peek video (
Also this is summerized article about the disease (

By: Dr.Mahdi
Title: Re: Have you seen such a case?!
Post by: PrincessMuni on January 25, 2011, 07:30:08 PM
this post was posted in 2007 ... I never knew they're called Idiot Savant... but I've seen them and worked with them.
I volunteered in the Autism center and you are right... they have extra ordinary powers...

we were walking outside the class room in the corridor and there were 7 students inside with 2 teachers.
2 kids out of the 7 kids looked at the window and waved for us while everyone else was looking away and even the teachers were grapping them
knowing that We can only see them but from inside its like mirror.
Subhan Allah, I loved that center and I was amazed to see such cases. Smart ppl, Very smart in a different way.