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Somali ppl and Doctors!!


Is there somebody who has not a story - happy or sad - with doctors, hospitals, and medicine in general?
I think the answer is no. Every body has his story and he tells it in his own perfect way.
Somali people, for example, have the worst medical stories and experiences of all because of the malpractice. Malpractice is defined as neglegance of duty that causes directly a damage. Here neglegance of doctors and medical stuff for their duty of treating and communicating with patients is happening, which results directly or indirectly in the damage and suffering of patient and even death, physical damage, social, emotional and others. That all is happening on daily basis in our beloved country Somalia.
It is true that somali people, as a result to the behaviour of doctors, hate their physicians and curse them from their back every time they remember that they need help from them. That is some thing our doctors and seniors should be ashamed of, because the doctor, as a responsible person of many aspects of life, has to do many things inorder to continue his work for community effectively and efficiently. That is by updating his knowledge and skills, by offering the latest treatments available, by performing a perfect doctor-patient relationship, and by being an example (a role model) and a leader (not in politiics) towards a perfect healthy and happy life for all.
If I start talking about what really happens in somalia, and what innocent people are facing, and what I saw in my eyes, I think I will not stop till the morning, and every body has some shocking stories and real life events on his own. So it is a long journey for us to change the concept of somali people regarding the white coat. I hope it will be easy for our generation.
Thank you. Wish us luck.
Ciise Dheere.


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