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Toof Doc:
Hello friends,

On behalf of the Somali Doctor Network (SDN) Forums (, I would like to dedicate this topic to the incorporation of with in their networkiing mission for Somali healthcare students around the world.

Background of SDN

Somali Doctor Network (SDN) is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to the pre-health and health professional Somali student community, or anyone who has interest in healthcare. Our mission is to assist and encourage Somali students as they traverse the challenging and complicated health professions education process.

The network was the first of it's kind, and was originally founded by a group of Somali Doctor Students in North America in the summer of 2005. Since then, the network have identified over 1000 Somali students and professionals around the world through it's forums.

The Present and Future of SDN

Today, Just like, SDN still continues to be a medium leader between Somali healthcare students, between Somali healthcare professionals and students, and to inspire future Somali healthcare students through the network.

The vision of SDN is to encourage it's members to set both individual and group goals to genuinely assist and encourage current and younger Somali generation in reaching their ambitions in their chosen healthcare profession. SDN honors this objective through it's online community, and through it's active volunteers.

How do I join SDN?

Please visit

Questions and Comments?

Please reply to this topic.

Hope this post will be a cornerstone for a better future to All somali healthcare students


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