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Question 1:-
Which of the following are usually considered to participate directly in the formation of the plexuses related to the limbs?

A) The ventral roots of the spinal nerves
B) The dorsal roots of the spinal nerves
C) The ventral primary rami of spinal nerves
D) The Dorsal Primary rami of spinal nerves
E) All the above

The answer to the question is C. "The ventral primary rami of spinal nerves".

Question 2
A 24-year-old man is being evaluated for airway abnormalities.
Palpation of the cricoid cartilage is normally at which vertebral level?

A. C2
B. C4
C. C6
D. T1

it is answer C = C6 ,,,,,,,,,, coz the larynx is situated in C4 , C5 & C6.....
come on guys the question was easy....

Q3) You are in process of repairing direct inguinal hernia. which of the anatomical relation would you find during surgery?

A- The hernia will enter deep inguinal ring
B-The hernia will enter femoral ring.
C-The hernia will be lateral to inferior epigastric vessels.
D-The hernia will be medial to inferior epigastric vessels.


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