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We are glad to announce that we established a new board for your requests and recommendations.

This board can be used by members to request specific files from other members that is not available in the rest of the site.

These files may include: (Presentations), (Videos), (Articles), (Books), Tutorials and/or Medical tools.

Currently we can't provide space for those of you who are willing to upload and share any of the above mentioned files and therefore you should use any free uploading site and post your link.

We recommend the best one-click hosting site for uploading your files:
1- MediaFire

Thanks Dr Mahdi cala juhuudika aljbarah wa maziidan insh.alaah.

Thanks Dr Mahdi for your continuous efforts to make somalidoc not just one of the best somali websites...but one of the best medical sites..

We are with you every step of the way and appreciate how much effort and time has gone into making and maintaining this site..

Really thank you from the bottom (ventricles) of my heart.

Important section especially for medical students.

Thanks and keep updating the site

Thanks Mahdi, for the great job.

But what I am wondering is: we see a lot of registration daily but few of them participate in the forum.?!!

What do you think the problem is?


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