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Why? I dont get it!!

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I second Mankay, i really appreciate the work of the admins to create this website.
Several days ago i was browsing through the notes on diff diseases (in English AND Somali)
you have provided on your website.

You are doing an absolutely magnificent job. And this forum will see an inevitable swelling
in its ranks, as i'm sure there are many young somali medics/students.

I for one, am a medical student in the UK. I know six other young somali medical students in the UK, and i will let them all know
of this website, if they dont already.

kkkkkkkk, well, Thank you dear friends for your understandings and cooperation.
When I wrote this, I was a little disappointed from the inactivity of the members in the forum, But now I am very much satisfied about it.
Thank you all again for your encouragement and I hope you all the best in the future.
Ciise Dheere.

salams all,

I know what you mean ciise but I think the website has picked up well enough better than nothing.
We are try to contribute as much as we can however, as we all are students in healthcare..we maybe busy with work, studying, placements etc. If you noticed i dont post topics as much as before as I onw work 12 hours a I hardly get any time..for the internet. Today is one of my free here I am..but this website has been well planned and it does deserve recognition esp from somalis.
I'll spread the word..I know about 6 nurses and a few somali medics...but were all out in I'll email..around. :D

i have now registered DR. but do not know how to post a post?????? HELP


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