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What do you know about MRCOG.

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    MRCOG stands for Members of Royal college of obstetricians & gynaecologists. it is for those willing 2 especialize in OBS & GYNAE.
       it has 2 parts: part 1 and part 2.
             these 2 stands for exam called mrcog1 exam n mrcog2 exam.
     Part1 Mrcog exam eligibility is:
       1.medical degree.
      *however, candidates are advised 2 attempt the examination only after the hav had some grounding in postgraduate obstetrics and gynaecology.
      Part1 exam is held twice a year: March and sept. in UK and some centers in selected countries like egypt,UAE,singapore, Malaysia, pakistan,india and many others.
     U hav 2 apply @least 3 months b4 appearing the exam. fee of da exam is 275 pounds.
     After u clear the exam u need 2 get a recognized hospital 4 Mrcog training world wide. the training needs 4 -6years.
    After that u can sit 4 da MRCOG part2 exam,which i guess is held only in UK.
       If u clear that one, then u will be selected 2 be a member of Royal college.
                     Thinking 2 appear 4 da sept08,if ther is no objection frm their side. Keep me in ur Prayers bro n sis.

Good choice!!

Insha'lah you will succeed & be selected to be a member of royal college.

I also congratulate all those who sat & passed USMLE exams.

 Thanks lot Dr.Mahdi.
               Dhamanten Allaha noo wada yasiro Ahdaafteenna.
                         Always one shud hav a high ambition. n one day it wil come true inshallah with the help of GOD.

All the best Dr. Nasra
inshallah t7aqiqin moradech wa Allah yekoon be3oon eljamee3

^Mashaallah, DR.N! This is very promising. We are in dire need of competent Somali health professionals. And Insha'Allah your MRCOG's go well.

Insha'Allah everything will work out for you.

Insha'Allah may Allah make this long and thought journey easy for us. Until the next post everyone, Ma'salaama.

Kind regards,
Geeljire ~


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