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Its Jokes time!!


   Three men are sitting in the waiting room of a hospital. a nurse walkes over to the first one and says, "Congratulations. You're the father of twins."
    "what a coincidence,"he says."i work for twin towers Bank."
    a while later, the nurse comes out to congratulate the second man."You're the proud father of triplets,"she tells him.
    "thats funny,"says the new dad."i work for AAA."
the third expectant father jumps up , a look of terror on his face, and runs for the door.
     "sir, where are you going?" the nurse calls out.
he yells over his shoulder,"i work for 10,000 Auto parts!" :)

    A man went to his doctor to ask advice about his wife. " she 's redecorating our house, and she is painting err'thing gold,"he said.
"whats wrong with her?"   "hmm..."replied the doctor. "it looks like she is suffering from a gilt complex." ;D
     Q:-whats the difference between a proctologist and a podiatrist?
     A:- just a couple of feet.. 8)
                                                          thats all 4 now
                                                             MaNkAy ;)


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