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DR Guul:
Hey guys, I think it wonderful to see so many of us studying medicine, i think it can only mean great things for our people. I am a science person, and i also have always been the best student in my class, and normally the best students study medicine, so that has been the reason, but i also love physics and math, so what made me choose medicine over engineering? i think the respect factor, doctors get alot more respect. I am simultaneously studying for a physics degree with math as a minor, i also volunteer as a math and physics teacher on saturdays to just forgive myself for having not taken up engineering, but i am satisfied with medicine, it is a long trajectory, it is 7years here, that is why i am able to combine it with another degree coz the workload is not as heavy as the 4year programmes.

  As for helping others, i think it is inherent for all humans to want to help, and even though i did not start out as a treehugger or someone who wanted to change the world, i think my knowledge my professionalism will make me sail through. I sometimes regret for having chosen medicine specially when you are told how to manage a disease without the science behind it, the fact is life sciences are still not as well developed as the physical sciences, we just know a lot more about physics than biology and that frustrates me a lot sometimes, that is why i would say, medicine is partly science partly art. Sorry for the venting, but i am happy to be on this forum, good luck to all of you and laters.

Its a God-driven purpose for my wife and i cos a loud voice within tells us we ought to go into medical ministry. That's why we are both here at the same time. I guess God has a wonderful sense of purpose and humor,lol!

i choose medical because i really want to serve for my nation


--- Quote from: Dr.Ciise on May 06, 2007, 10:38:55 AM ---That is a simple question dear Hanna, but only for those who had really thought of it before they made the choice.
Many somali students, let's say 90% of them, only think of Medicine as a specialty after graduation from high school. Engineering is the second choice for these students incase they dont get medicine. This is an example for the great misfortune we have as somalians.
It can be ok that the perfect students think of these two different specialities because of their ability, but not all somali people. even parents can not understand if the students says that he doesn't want medicine or engineering, they think that these are the only specialites available.
There are two things that are very essential to consider before applicating to medicine or any faculty else. Vision is number 1, you have to see clearly your path from this moment to the end of your way, it doesn't need further explanation. Mission is number 2, you have to have a clear humanitarian or other wise understandable purpose for being a doctor, like to help the sick and poor, or to be a highly respected member of your community and so on.

For me, I had the vision and the mission too, thank Allah. And the aportunity came to me from no where, and then I embraced it and we will see the rest.
Thank you for the perfect question Hanna.
Ciise Dheere.

--- End quote ---

i am agree with you.

Medicine is a career driven by service. As such, you are tasked with putting others first. Yet it also allows you to be a life-long learner. It is an occupation where your field of expertise continually expands. As a result, your knowledge base must follow suit. It is a profession that requires quick thinking and decision-making. People will look to you for answers, and it is up to you to provide them. Although this may sound daunting, it puts you in a position where your actions matter. Foremost though, a career in medicine is one of respect. The work you do is important to both the individual and community.


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