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well when i think abt it now,i guess its da fact dat i was a big fan of ER the television show thts still on.i wasnt much turned on by the numerous numbers of sick ppl or the blood but rather wat appealed to me was the end result and how those doctors didnt rest a moment until they made sure tht the patient was alright.ive this need to help ppl,not just the sick but anyone who needs my help,so i guess by becoming a doctor am killing two birds wid one stone,thts am getting to fulfil my need to help n getting da big bucks(inshallah.n plus it helped to hv a doctor in my family who fueled my growing admiration for basically thts wat brought me to this field. :)

Barwaaqoo: all... good question and like most people I didn't know I wanted to become a doctor at a young age.....I was actually interested in History as a child....that grew into AID work for refugees worldwide.....which grew into a love of medicine and it's utter importence in giving back to the community at a Muslimah/Somali/Female.....I did not know how much of an affect I would have on Aid agencies( i.e UNHCR)....therefore I would like to use medicine as a platform to make a difference.....inshallah the rest should fall into place as they say...

For me being a doctor has always been the number one target from a young age. I have always loved helping people and its also a respectful job that allows individuals to give back to the community at large, and furthermore the absolute necessity of doctors back in somalia made me realize that this was my only career.

For me, though it is stupid reason, I chose medicine because i somewhat like to see blood. but the other things motivated me include my love to biology and human diseases, also during my secondary school I had a great Grades in biology and chemistry. so being a doctor is a legal aspect to make people bleed.

for somalia, at the current time, I think that Engineering is much more important than medicine. because our country is totally 99% destroyed and torn by our meaningless civil wars. And in some places in somalia, peace is going to grow like a seedling, for example in Somaliland and puntland, those peaceful areas do need engineers to rebuild their lands and the funny thing is if they wanna build a small industry they have to bring chinese engineers to work for them and no somali can know how to help them sometimes.
though medicine in our country as general is not vanished like engineering but it must be devlped also

I don't agree with the part you said our country needs engineers more than doctors.
it's logic that you should save people before buildings. (Read this topic for more information)
then it's time will come when killing and injuring innocent people stops.
but we need more engineers in the peaceful ares you mentioned above.
thanks for your reply.


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