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physician assistant ? what is it like ?

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Physician assistant wa maado cusub oo baryahan dambe calamka oo dhan aad uga soo baxday job openingskeedana ay tahay wax aad u badan .

According to the AAPA, there were an estimated 68,124 PAs in clinical practice as of January 2008.[9]

In the 2007 AAPA census, just over 56 percent of responding PAs worked in physicians' offices or clinics; 23 percent were employed by hospitals; and the remainder were employed in public health clinics, nursing homes, schools, prisons, home health care agencies, and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Approximately 9 percent of responding PAs provide health care to rural communities and those with fewer than 20,000 residents, in which physicians may be in limited supply

Hadaba Physician assistant maxay door ka qadan karan wadanka somalia ? maxad ka taqana maadadan ? hadii logu tala galay dhakhatiirta mashquulka badan ee maraykanka iyo latin america ah ? somalia maxay faaiido u yelan karta madadan ? fadlan hadii aad noo faaiideen kartid wax dherad ahna nagu dhaantid aan kaa faaiideeysanno   

PA is actually a brilliant career. The 'PA economy' is booming, so that at the moment, each PA in the US is working on average two jobs. Some PA's (working in dermatology and ER for example) can make more than a general practice doctor! From the name alone, you'd assume it's not a very autonomous position, but it's actually a very independent career.

:) And, malpractice insurance is not required.

can anyone talk about this major?


--- Quote from: Princess_Muni on November 10, 2008, 07:22:49 PM ---can anyone talk about this major?

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PA isn't a major, it's a Masters degree. You're required a bachelors in the major of your choice (sciences are recommended) but you can apply to it with a germans degree if you've got the prereqs and qualifying GRE score ::)

i see, thanks for explaining! :)


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