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1- Hospital Nurses (the largest group) providing bedside nursing care and they are usually assigned to one area such as surgery, Maternity, Pediatrics, Emergency, ICU but they sometimes rotate among departments (as somali people we only know this type)

2- Office Nurses (they give care to outpatients in physician's office, clinics and medical centers)

3- Nursing Home Nurses (They do long-term rehabilitation for patients with strokes and head injuries)

4- Public Health Nurses (Work in government and private agencies, including clinics, schools and community settings. they usually focus on populations to improve the overall health of communities and they take part of massive immunizations and other health screening).

5- Nurse practitioners (They are the most advanced nurses, with the power to write prescriptions and independently diagnose and treat patients, other name is Nurse consultant)

6- Registered Nurses (RNs) they are health educators for the patients, families and communities and they also develop and manage nursing care plans, instruct patients and their families in proper care while government laws govern the tasks that RNs may perform.

7- Occupational Health Nurses (Industrial Nurses) they provide nursing care at worksites to emplotees, customers, and others with injuries and illnesses.

8- Nurse Supervisors (they direct nursing activities, primarily in hospitals, they plan work schedules and assing duties to nurses and aides, provide or arrange for training and ensure that records are maintained and equipment and supplies are ordered).

So what type of Nurse you are?

Waaw, that is a lot of nurses, 8 types.
As you said admin, the only type of nurses that works in somalia is the hospital nurses, which are - by the way - of less quality and education.
The other types of nurses require a highly developed country or at least where there is industries, governments, highly qualified agencies and offices. also it needs a high income community (instead of our 73 dollars a year for person), educated community, a place where the basic medical needs (including therapeutic and diagnostic) are available. But in a country like somalia, I dont think so.
Let's us hope that somali nurses in europe and USA will change the nursing situation of somalia and the health system in general.
I hope Hana to be a nursing consultant, what do you think Hana?
Ciise Dheere.

Dr.Ciise Dheere, Some Nurse consultants are found in somalia, which are trained by NGOs and they are found in hospitals which steered by health organization like MSF.
They usually choosed after examinations then sent for 6 months of concentrated preparation course then qualified as nurse consultant.
then they give extra training according to the position they will occupy e.g Paediatric Nurse Consultant, Outpatient Department Nurse Consultant, Intensive Care Nurse Consultant and so on.
this is easy for organizations because doctors are not sufficent.
for example, there is more than 10 nurse consultants in galkayo hospital which is founded and drived by MSF-Holland.
there is prepared protocol for those nurse consultants that can't be over-stepped and there should be a doctor that will see the referrals and prescription of certain drugs and treatment of certain disease that are not allowed nurse consultants to handle it.
also they should attend the rounds that is done by the doctor in the morning, and they will do it in the afternoon.
they are not allowed to prescribe second line treatment unless they discuss with the doctor why the fist line treatment failed.
for example drugs should not allowed te prescribe by nurse consultants:
1-antihypertensive ttt
2-anti-heart failure
and so on


this is cool,
am a nursing student and soon inshallah i'll start working as Hospital nurse
hopefully in emergency or pediatric but i want to know more about
nurse practitioner or nurse consultant? what do they do and how can i be
nurse practitioner or consultant? anyone has any idea about that??

asc can any one of you can give me information about registred nurse .iam confused about my speciality options


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