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What's your favorite subject this year?

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Mine is pediatrics! ♥

It's so awesome to finally have some clinical subjects :)

my 1 has to be physiology. I always find it easy and intresting :). by the way I wonder if anyone like pharmacology. coz I hate it. it is terribly boringggggggggggggggg ??? ??? I alway try to well with it but I can't get  it anchored

Hanna, isn't peds the best?? love it too walahi
so amazing...

Dr.farabadan, wts wrong with pharma?? its too much but its fun too
our doctor was amazing so maybe thats why...
but i'm starting to hate it now lol..

well mine is Pediatric as well, then surgical nursing
but its overall not this yr, coz i finished almost all of them as i'm graduating this year inshallah.
nice topic sis!

I guess this semester I like Pathology, because it have some meaning, and you are completely right, Pharmacology don't wonder brother no body likes it.

 I'm interested Cardiopulmonary  ^_^
thx 4 the topic sis....


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