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 :) hello confused which one would i pursue MEDICAL SURGICAL or MATERNAL AND CHILD NURSING......i am planning also to take the exam in midwifery...

hello newly RN , welcome to SD Forums and I hope you enjoy
as for your question... try to choose the one you love the best
all of them are really intersting , I'm working taking Medical-Surgical nursing and its fun, all heard diseases and respiratory and all that stuff
Medical could be boring over the time , thats my view
however, my favorite one is pediatric, I really love it and its intersting
and inshallah I'm hoping to work there.
Whenever I ask anyone about midwifery, they say you will never
see strange cases, same 2 or 3 medications for the mother
Vit K and bla bla for the baby and thats it 4 EVER ?
so you try to think about them and hope you choose the right answer!

 :) thanks for the response.........but then I JUST LOVE BEING A NURSE.........and i just cant help to love everything on our NUrsing profession....Though i think i would choose both of them ......for my love of maternal and child  nursing OR even midwifery represents my LOVE OF MY MOM .... I guess i would both have them in my career.And will pursue my master's on both MEDSURG AND MCN........THANKS A LOT


Somali Boy:
yes coletpaolo waxaan kuugu raacsanahay fikradaadaa bec maternal and child aad baan u xiiseeyaa and u know primary health care waxey xooga saareen maternal and child health coz waa 70% caalamka so good idea

Hello New Nurse,

Congrat no mater what you choose you gone love it.I took my nursing degree from Dubai and the best thing about that was rotation every 6 to 1year you get to experience every department. Good luck sis.


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