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Difficult to Memorize Terminologies!

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I am student nurse in my last year although English is not my first language i was able to pass in all my exam and essays.. I'm doing my internship now in CCU there is alot of medical terminology that i don't understand this has put my confident down i think all student who didn't born in country were English isn't  first language mostly face this problem could you please tell me about your own experience how did you manage to learn all this new terminology is there any steps that i can use thanks

Hi Halimo,

I kind of know what you mean. English is not my 1st or 2nd language either. Right now i'm in a English medical program. During my first and second year of medical studies everything was all new to me but now i'm all use to it :P It's not as difficult as it seems though. Some you have to memorize and after a while you know them all by heart :P Many of the words are often repeated in different subjects and fields. What you can do is to buy a medical dictionary (if u don't have one already) and write down all the new words you don't know in small notebook.

Good luck :)

1- Try hard, you will be adapted to...
2- Let medical dictionary be your friend....

just as they said !!!
for me i usually try to find similar word or thing to remember it,
not only terminologies, even Lectures n all. Study hard &
good luck! :)

thanks for all your advice. I'm happy to say that I'm going to be graduated in two weeks time.


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