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Permissions - Guests
View forum statistics
Search for posts and topics
View profile summary and stats (Any profile)
View the calendar
View polls

Permissions - Regular Member
Guests + the following:
View the memberlist
View who's online
Change other people's karma if activated
Read his personal messages
Send personal messages
Edit his account settings
Edit his additional profile settings
Select an avatar from the server
Vote in polls
Lock his own poll
Add poll to his own topics
post new topics
Send topics to friends
Lock his own topics
Can request notifications on replies
Request notifications on new topics
Post replies to topics
Modify his own posts
Report posts to the moderators

Permissions - Moderator
Guests + Regular member + the following:
Moderate one board or several boards
Create events in the calendar
Edit events in the calendar
Post polls
Merge any topic
Split any topic
Lock any topic
Remove any topic
Move any topic
Make topics sticky
Remove any pll
Delete any post
Modify any post
View attachments
Post attachments
Announce topic

Permissions - Global Moderator
Guests + Regular members + Moderators + the following:
Moderate all boards without exception
Edit any events in the calendar
Can delete his own account
Can upload an avatar to the server
Choose a remotely stored avatar
Add polls to any topic
Can remove any poll
Edit any polls
Edit custom title for own profile
Get their
Meet the Administrators

Permissions - Forum Administrator
Guests + Regular Members + Moderators + Global Moderators + the following:
Can edit account settings for any profile
Can edit additional settings for any profile
Can give credits
Can administrate forum and database
Edit custom tittle for any profile
Can manage boards and categories
Manage attachments and avatars
Manage smileys
Edit news
Delete any account
Moderate forum members
Manage and assign membergroups
Manage permissions
Manage ban list
Send a forum email to members
Can add poll to any topics
Meet Site Administrator
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